Measurement Technology

Vibration measurement


Intelligent systems for vibration monitoring and diagnosis of plants and machines.


From simple vibration sensors to acceleration sensors with connected diagnostic electronics for FFT evaluation.

User benefits

  • status-oriented actual recording
  • Early detection of machine damage
  • Reliable permanent vibration monitoring
    according to DIN ISO 10816
  • machine-integrated plant monitoring
  • Visualization and storage of measured data
  • Evaluation/analysis of data
  • Data transmission for remote monitoring
  • Integration of measured data into a higher-level control system
  • Defined limit value setting with alarm and switch-off functions


  • Motor analyses, bearing inspection and actual value recording
  • Natural frequency analysis
  • Tracking analysis
  • Fine balancing in installed condition
  • Sum and frequency spectrum analysis of simple or higher order

Systems / Sensors

  • Accelerometers
  • Vibration sensors and transmitters of different types and Ex versions
  • Evaluation units with FFT visualization
  • Diagnostic electronics

Volume- and Pressure Measurement

Various methods for volume and pressure measurement in open cross-sectional profiles, ductwork, on the fan, as well as in special components. In addition to these options, mass flow, thrust, taking into account the air pressure, can be integrated into an existing system.

Designs Volume flow measurement in air ducts, channels and fans

Measuring device: Multifunctional measuring transducer for differential pressure measurement.

Additionally, one of the following options is necessary (selection depending on the application):

  • Prandtl steel tube
  • Measuring lances in a defined pipe section or channel
  • Differential pressure transducer duct (Type: WDL)
  • Measuring inlet nozzle (Type: MED)

Type Volume flow measurement in open profiles

Various anemometers (e.g. impeller anemometer, hot-wire anemometer).

Design Pressure measurement in ducts, channels and fans

Measuring instruments:

  • Multifunction transmitter for differential pressure measurement
  • Differential pressure gauge

Additionally, one of the following options is necessary (selection depending on the application):

  • Ring circuits
  • Silencer measuring modules for static pressure or the total pressure increase
    at the ventilator
  • Measuring nipple for static pressure measurement

Design Air pressure gauges

Absolute pressure gauge

Visualization and further processing of the measured values

  • Display of measured values on measuring device
  • Signal transmission (analog or digital signals) to higher-level system
  • Display of measured values at control room
  • Installation of a demand-oriented control system
  • Warning of over/underrun of setpoints.

Storage of the measured values

  • Saving the values by means of a data logger
  • Saving of values by higher-level system


  • Proof of compliance with regulations
  • Traceable development of the system

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