AL12-450 to AL18-6300


Performance Range



Axial-flow impeller as cast part from EN AB 43000, with guide vanes, profiled impeller blades with edges in the flow surface, sturdy steel housing, foot mounting.


Direct or star-delta starting
Optional: pole-changeable, variable speed (FU), soft start


  • Voltage ranges 400 – 6600 Volt
    Three-phase AC squirrel-cage motors S1
    in special design

  • Protection class >= IP 55; insulation class F, tropicalised

  • Energy efficiency class >= IE2

  • Terminal box position: lateral 45° or on top

  • PTC thermistor


Primer with top coat, alkyd resin Silac,

total layer thickness min. 180 μm

Standard colour: Pure white (RAL9010)



Sealed motor, dust disks, hard coated impeller, special coating, vibration dampers, stall-point monitoring, impact protection,
VFD compatibility, cold environment, motor monitoring,
incr. efficiency class, vibration sensors, volume flow, pressure difference, adjustable blades

TECHNIcal excecution according to

Machinery Directive: EU Directive 2006 / 42 / EC
ErP ecodesign: Directive 2009 / 125 / EC
Test bench run according to DIN EN ISO 5801 / 2017

Version with explosion protection

PROTECTION CLASS: Fire-damp proof*, explosion-proof*

TYPE: dAL12-450 to dAL18-6300
Optional: Bifurcated axial fan
Spark protection

ACCORDING TO: Directive 2014 / 34 / EU

* also available according to international explosion protection regulations

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